The new way of Networking & Videoconference!

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Crovv Networking makes it possible to combine all the successful possibilities thatnetworking has to offer.
This is done through an online structured platform.
Crovv is the new way to be able to maintain your (international) contacts in a professional manner. Let's Crovv!!
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Crovv Business offers companies the opportunity to design their own "Crovv communication platform".
The own online platform offers the possibility to easily communicate with members of the platform via videoconference or live chat, in a safe and interactive environment.
A Crovv Business platform can be set up freely and can therefore be used for example; internal communication for large companies, a learning platform for training institutes or a community platform. We like to think along with you about all the possibilities of your own communication platform for your organization or company.
Crovv Music is an online platform exclusively for the music industry. A place where musicians, artists, producers and other stakeholders in the music industry can meet and inspire each other. Crovv music helps you find the right people in your right places.


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