Crovv Networking is the First on- & Offline international business network.
The strength of the platform lies in the fact that members measure in an online as well as offline environment.
During the weekly online networking sessions each member will have the opportunity to pitch their own activities as well as the other members their own "search question". A special selected Crovv member wants to act as the chairman.
All the search questions want to be listed on the platform after the meetings.



Every month the network experience takes place at an inspiring location that is accessible to everyone.

Crovv videoconference licentiekosten & lidmaatschap: € 96,- excl. BTW per jaar 




What is possible on the Crovv platform:

  • Let's Crovv !! = Start a Videoconference
  • Let's Chat !! = Chat with people on the platform
  • Let's Share !! = You can share knowledge and news
  • Let's Give !! = Recommendation Giving & Receiving
  • Groups = Online Crovv Network meetings
  • Member List = List of all persons on the platform
  • Calendar = Online & Offline Network possibilities.
  • Invite new user = Send an invitation for the platform to people in your Network.



If you want to meet one of the other people on the platform let us know !!

The Crovv team is ready for you!

Let's Crovv !!

A profile on the Crovv platform is free and is only intended for people who want to network national and international.

Click here and fill in your details and we will send you an invitation for the new Crovv Network platform.




In addition to being able to take part in the online networking events, both national and international, every week, you can also make use of the highest quality videoconferencing services 24/7.

You will receive your own Crovv Videoconference link for free, which you can use for your own business.

The only thing you pay is the license fee & membership for a total of € 96.00 per year (excluding VAT).

Join Crovv Networking now and receive the great book from Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich!



  • Unlimited free participation in all weekly Crovv Meetings.
  • Unlimited use of Crovv Videoconference, the highest quality in videoconference area!
  • Unlimited access to the regional, national and international Crovv network meetings.
  • Unlimited use of the Let's Crovv videoconferencing tool for communication with customers, friends etc.
  • Unlimited access to the Crovv Network platform and the entire Crovv Network.

Crovv videoconference license fees & membership: € 96, - excl. VAT per year




Every month The Network Experience takes place at an inspiring location.

Crovv is distinctive vis-à-vis other networks, because all the successful possibilities of networks are combined via an online network meeting via videoconference, a structured platform and offline network get-togethers.








Ontmoet de mensen die Crovv mogelijk maken... Let's Crovv!!
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Become a member of Crovv Networking now!
You will also receive the amazing book by Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich.

116.16 € / year(s)

You will receive your own Crovv Business Videoconference link that you can use for your own business.

116.16 € / year(s)

Michael Pilarczyk / Think and Grow Rich (1937) is het boek dat miljoenen mensen een fortuin heeft opgeleverd. 

21.90 €

Master Your Mindset - Leef Je Mooiste Leven gaat over persoonlijke en spirituele groei, maar ook over zakelijk succes.

19.95 €

Virtual Networking through videoconference!

Networking was never that easy!

Virtual Networking through videoconference!

Networking was never that easy!